On New Year’s Day, Stella Robertson, a 28-year-old wannabe writer/singer/actress in an open marriage in Santa Monica, abandons her kind husband and his financial stability, her beloved seaside city, and most her belongings—besides a stolen Santa Monica Boulevard street sign—to pursue a life of passion and magic with Wil, a charming ex-heroin addict. Within a matter of weeks, Stella ends up broke and nearly homeless, double-heartbroken, and riddled with guilt about her idiotic choices.  


Now on her own for the first time in her life, singing with her band when not caged in her soulless new office job, Stella finds love in three unexpected situations: aloneness, surfing, and Dylan, a sexy half-Japanese guy with a good head on his shoulders. Still a ways from equilibrium, Stella begins to view life as a video game with levels she must conquer. Through her newfound self-reliance, she navigates her way through fear, doubt, and the waves of the Pacific Ocean, finding love at the core of it all.